Action Sports Kids Foundation X Skate Kids

February 5, 2017

Skate Kids is very thankful to team up with Action Sports Kids Foundation. We are very happy to Support ASK events through 2016 its been such a great year  we are looking forward to all the rad event in 2017.

Mike Donelon founder of ASK has been the biggest support of skateboarding through Long Beach since 1995 starting with getting El Dorado skatepark built. Mike Donelon has had a huge hands in getting tons more skateparks built in the city of Long Beach for the past 20+ years. Mike K Green skatepark, Houghton skatepark, Mc Bride skatepark, Orizaba skatepark ETC…..

In the year 2000 Mike Donelon started Action Sports Kids Foundation which is a non-profit in Long Beach, California dedicated to providing youth an alternative to the streets and gangs through sports, education and community involvement . Our efforts in creating the Long Beach Skate Park Program, considered one of the most successful in the country, has proven to lower crime, build self esteem, keep kids in school and has saved the lives of many of our most at-risk youth. ASK currently sponsors 150 kids through Long Beach. ASK holds 1 meeting every first Saturday of the month to keep the kids in a positive direction. Mike Donelon and Long Beach Council member Dee Andrews dropping some knowledge for the kids of Long Beach before the start of the Jeffery Dempsey AM Jam contest. ASK has 4 skateboard contest a year. The kids of Long Beach love it. These contest provide the kids of Long Beach with a great direction in life. the contest is a huge positive outlook for the kids to focus on and look forward to all year long.

ASK X SKATE KIDS we roll together!!SKATE KIDS teams up with ASK to give free skate board lessons to the kids of the Carmilitos housing community in Long Beach. As ASK gives out free Element skateboards to all the kids to push them in a positive direction through skateboarding.

The kids of Carmilitos were so happy to learn to skate.

We joined ASK at the Carlie Ford Memorial skate Jam by bringing our SKATE KIDS crew out to join in on the fun. As coach Kurtis helps the kids learn their balance points and proper pushing skills.                                                               Skate Kids team enjoys rolling up to  skate and support all ASK skate JAMS In 2016 we became official ASK supporters.


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