May 2, 2017

We would like to thank to Beach Streets LB for having us back for the 3rd beach streets event. Being a Long Beach native I think Beach Streets is such a great event encouraging family’s to be outside have fun skateboarding, riding bikes, run, walk while experiencing and enjoying what the beautiful city of Long Beach has to offer.

Second we want to give a huge thanks to the parents and kids for making the stop by the SKATE KIDS booth to either learn to skate for the first time or advance their ability level on the board. We are proud to say after adding up all the waivers we had coached over 80+ kids Saturday April 29th. This was an amazing day for all as our staff had a consistent smile through the whole day passing their passion to the next generation as well as every child walked away with a smile and some with a new passion themselves.

Shout out to our amazing Coaches that came out to share there passion with the kids. Nick Merlino, Mikey Haywood, Kurtis Colamonico, Truman Hughes, Cameron Spitzer, Isaiah Jackson, Dabier snell , and Josh Bridgewater.

Starting the day off right with Coach Truman Hughes introducing this lil man to skateboarding for the first time.

Padding up in S- ONE gear is the KEY to SAFETY !

Coach Mikey Haywood giving this lil girl her first ride on a skateboard

Fletcher and Kurtis  hit the DEW TOUR course to show off their SKATE KID skills.

Your never to young or old to learn to skateboard as this 15 month old displays with coach Mikey

Rolling strong with coach Dabier and Cameron

Founder Kurtisa Colamonico sharing some smile and words with Coach Truman

So many beginner we so lucky to learn hands on from Professional skateboarder Nick Merlino

Lil son with a solid Board slide

Skate Life with Coach Dabier THUMBS UP!

Coach Nick with some crazy flick as Coach Truman blesses the lil one with some true skate knowledge.

The feeing of your first 50/50 grind is truly something you will never forget.

Dropping in and rollin with Coach Truman

Coach Isaiah blessing the kids with some stylish skate tricks and some hands on practice and skate tips to build their confidence.

TWO THUMBS UP with Coach Josh Bridgewater

SKATE KIDS is all about building our youth with a smile. We would like to thank our Sponsors for enhancing that smile that much more by providing us with the best skateboard product on the market for our skate kids to earn through lesson as well as give aways at event like this. HUGE THANKS to Diamond supply Co, Darkstar skateboards, Bones bearings, Spitfire wheels, Furnace skate shop, S-one helmets, Keen Ramps, Mini Logo, Grind Time Skate, Powell Peralta, Grizzly Griptape. We appreciate you guys to the fullest!!!!!!



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