Beach Streets Long Beach October 28th

November 14, 2017


We want to give a huge thanks to the City of Long Beach for inviting us to be apart of Beach Streets for the 4th time in a row. Twice a year Long Beach throws Beach Streets to encourage people to get out, meet others, have fun, walk, skate, bike, roll and just have a ton of fun with everyone. We are honored every year with a big enough space for our mobile skatepark to do FREE skateboard lessons for anyone who is interested in learning. Beach Streets is always a highlight of the year for SKATE KIDS as we are able to introduce skateboarding to over 70+ kids each time. At SKATE KIDS we love giving lessons just as much as the kids like taking them. Beach Streets is a smile all day for everyone. So if you have missed it in the past make sure you don’t miss it again with updates on our instagram @theskatekids (FOLLOW OUR MOVEMENT).

Octobers theme was Halloween so most the kids came dressed in their costumes

Coach Rob going over safety foot position in order to push the correct way

Our founder Kurtis Colamonico building some self confidence for the lil man with some helping hands while dropping in the quarter pipe.

we even had parents shredding out there!!! The Hype was REAL! Skateboarding is awesome!

This is the smile we share with the youth after learning to balance 50/50 grinds

Safety First

Coach Edgar congratulates this lil man with a High Five for landing a new skateboard trick!

Our vision has always been to have kids help kids to help install this action as much as we can into the next Generation. Its happening and we are so happy.

Thanks to Diamond supply Co , Bones bearings , Keen ramps , Tech Deck , Skatelite , Furnace Skate shop , Darkstar Skateboards , Black Flys , Grizzly Grippe , Grom USA , Spitfire wheels , S1 helmets ,  Grind time Skate contest ,   for sponsoring our program and helping make all this possible as well as install these amazing smile on the youth of today.

 Ninjas skateboard too

Action Sports Kids always killin it for the kids

Skater Girls

Coach Rob with an ollie into the big Quarter

Learning Blunt stalls with Coach Kurtis


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