February 7, 2017


Dew Tours first time ever having a stop in Long Beach. As coach Kurtis skated the Dew Tour contest series from 2006-2012. He was excited it was finally coming to his home town. Kurtis’s goal was to get the SKATE KIDS on the course! So he worked on it made a few calls and found out there was community day. Coach Kurtis then rounded Up his intermediate and advanced SKATE KIDS to give them a chance to skate on the same turf he had skated for many years. Coach Ranking 9th over all in 2007 and 10 over all in 2008 say It was the best time of his life traveling with friends skating through the DEW TOUR.

Coach Kurtis was so happy to see his kids out on the DEW TOUR course the day of as it brought back memories. Kurtis says his next goal is to have as many SKATE KIDS on the DEW TOUR them selves one day. Kurtis says at the rate the skate kids are going Coach know’s he will see that day.

 Lil Kurtis, Ryder, Dynomite and Bryce so happy to make it through the DEW TOUR entrance and read to skate.The SKATE KIDS crew was deep Bryce and Coach Kurtis made it on the the front page of the official DEW TOUR website  Dynomite and Ryder were happy to meet good friend of Coach and pro skateboarder Ryan Decenzo whom currently rides for Darkstar Skateboard as they sponsor the Skate Kids Program.

Truman Hughes making it up on the DEW TOUR website with solid feeble grind down the big rail on the Course Ryder wit a smile meeting a favorite pro skateboarder of his Cody Mcentire who currently rides for Blind skateboards  LIL Kurtis and Bryce first time meeting Pro skateboarder Tj Rogers whom currently ride for Blind skateboards

Team ASK and SKATE KIDS always rolling together. its a Long Beach thing.


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