“Since starting Skate Kids, Seth has become more confident and persistent in his everyday life. We’ve seen such an improvement not only in skating but in school and piano as well. Kurtis has been a positive influence to Seth, teaching him that hard work does pay off.” –Steve & Ethel Games

“Kurtis is a cool guy, he is patient and always encourages me to do more.” –Seth Games


Im thankful to be apart of the Skate Kids program. Kurtis my trainer has taught me many things but the most important is that he has taught me how to put my mind on what I want and I can achieve my goal.  He taught me how to pay my dues and get up and try again.  It’s fun to skate and I’ve earned many prizes like diamond hardware,  wax and other cool things for landing new tricks. One day I hope to become a pro skater myself and then my hard work will pay off.  I look up to Kurtis because he’s a great role model. He supports me in my passion for skating and he encourages me. He’s like a big brother figure. I’m proud to be a Skate Kid! – Kurtis Ludwig 

“Skate lessons with Kurtis is my best day ever! And he makes me a better skater than all my friends” -Bryce 6 years old
Being a part of The Skate Kids family has been the best experience ever. Coach Kurtis has become a great friend and mentor to our sons and our whole family! Our 6 year old, Bryce, counts down the days every week to his next lesson and is eager to try new things. Kurtis had the patience of a saint and pushes just hard enough to give the kids the backbone and confidence they need to try new things and feel good about themselves while they learn new skills and kill it at the skatepark. Even when they fall down he’s there to make sure they pop back up to give it another go. WE ARE SKATE KIDS!! -The Van Riper Family


There are not enough good things we can say about Skate Kids and Coach Kurtis . Our son picked up an interest in skateboarding a couple years ago. As his interest grew , we decided to look into skateboarding lessons. Coach Kurtis was highly recommended through a friend. We contacted Coach Kurtis with the expectancy that he could help teach our son some basic safety rules and some cool tricks . He surpassed our expectations by far from the first lesson. He incorporated lessons of self confidence , respect , and hard work in every session. His patients and ability to connect and gain the trust of our son was remarkable. Coach Kurtis has an evident passion for skateboarding and for mentoring children. We have watched our son overcome  hurdles and obstacles outside of skateboarding using technics taught by Coach Kurtis. We are very thankful for everything our son has learned from the Skate Kids program and we look forward to the positive impact this program will have on the next generation of skateboarders . -Raitz Family


From Ryder:
Kurtis is patient with me, even when I get frustrated. He gives me really good advice. He takes video and edits it and it looks really cool. He is an awesome pro skater and instructor. Kurtis is also really nice to me. 
From Brian & Nicci: 

Kurtis has been an amazing influence from the start. Our son Ryder started taking lessons about 6 months ago. Beyond the obvious skateboarding skills that Ryder has learned thus far, we are seeing that the skateboard lessons he takes and the time he spends with Kurtis is yielding results beyond skateboarding tricks. Ryder has learned that skateboarding is challenging. It takes hard work and a lot of practice. He is learning to persevere, to use the challenges skating presents to motivate him. Kurtis has talked him through how to do that. Even when Ryder wants nothing more than to give up, Kurtis has a way of convincing him to give it one more try…and then one more try after that. We have seen Ryder attempt the same trick for over an hour, watching him want to walk away. Kurtis has a way of pushing him in a really positive and motivating way that keeps him going. Seeing Ryder land something that at one point he didn’t think he could ever do is always amazing. 

Kurtis also films parts of the lesson and Ryder’s attempts at the tricks so that he is able to play back for him and walk him through corrections as they go along. Ryder responds very well to that and also loves the fact that when he does land something, it’s almost always been captured on video. Kurtis has also been very accommodating and flexible when it comes to scheduling. He makes it easy to get a skate lesson in for Ryder. 

The progress our son has made on a skateboard in the past 6 months is so impressive and so easy to see. His desire to get better at skateboarding along with the positive and knowledgeable influence from Kurtis is making all the difference for Ryder. We have recommended skateboarding lessons with Kurtis to everyone we know with a child that has an interest in skateboarding.