Truman Hughes


Name: Truman Hughes

Age: 17

Sponsors: SkateLife Supply, DEMA

How many years have you been skateboarding: 3 years

Who first inspired you to skate?  A random dude riding down a street.

Who is your favorite skater? Even Smith and Nick Garcia

What your favorite skateboard video? pretty sweat

What size skateboard do you ride? 8.1

What is your favorite trick to do? Nollie Varial Heel

Where is your favorite place to skate? LA

What was your first skateboard and how did you get it? Fake target board.

Why do you choose to be a skate Coach? So kids can be creative and grow confidence .

What does skateboarding mean to you? Skating is more than a hobby or a action sport it’s another way of looking at the world, a way of life .

Thank you’s? Everyone you meet has something to teach you. THANKS TO EVERYONE

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