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Beginner Training

Beginner Training

This class is designed for riders of all ages that are new to riding their skateboard. These lessons help develop the basic skills needed for beginners, such as
balance, learning how to ollie, pushing correctly, rolling down banks, safety in the skateboard park, and turning!

Intermediate Training

Intermediate Training

This class is designed for those who have graduated the Beginning Skateboarding class and want to learn more advanced skills. Skills covered in this class are basics of flip tricks, grinding ledges, increasing height of ollies, overall park usage, riding the pool and bowl

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About Skate Kids

Your child will learn safety first, and leave with the self-confidence, knowledge and skills to start shredding. They will gain balance, improve coordination and reflexes, build concentration and have FUN, all in a positive environment.


Private lessons offered at your location can cater to your skill level on any of the obstacles for all ages. Lessons are taught by Kurtis himself!


All camp activities will be held by experienced skatepark staff who have a proven successful track record in improving skateboard skills.


Make your next party a skate party! Skate Kids has a popular birthday party package for the best action sports party available in Orange County.


If you have more than one child, sign them all up for our classes and receive group rates! Skate Kids offers the best skate classes and private lessons in Orange County.





Private Lessons

Private Lessons

& Competition Prep

Private lessons can cater to your child's skill level on any of our obstacles and for all ages! Lessons are taught by Kurtis as well as experienced staff that specialize in creating results. $45 per hour per child.

Small Group Lessons

Small Group Lessons

Up to 5 skaters

Beginning - 1 Hour - 3x per week - Call or Email for Pricing
Intermediate - 1.5 Hours - 3x per week - Call or Email for Pricing
Advanced - 1.5 Hours - 3x per week - Call or Email for Pricing
*Payment is due on the 1st lesson of each month*


After traveling the world as a pro skateboarder for over ten years, I had my first child. From the day he could stand I began to teach KRUZ about skateboarding. That’s when I realized I could combine my two favorite things – skateboarding and children. Specifically, sharing my love for skateboarding with the next generation  by teaching them safety first then to shred!


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