Skate Kids Birthday Parties

February 1, 2017

***** **** ** * Are you looking for a fun exciting birthday party???* ** **** *****
SKATE KIDS is here to help give your child the best birthday party of the year!
SKATE KIDS is a mobil skate park specially designed by professional Kurtis Colamonico & Keen Ramps to advance your child skateboarding skills as quick as possible in a fun and interactive private skatepark. SKATE KIDS Birthday parties are full of fun and affordable. 

Birthday parties are 2 hours of fun for all ages. All that is needed is a location where the SKATE KIDS ramps can be set up for a memory of a lifetime. 

Skate Kids birthday parties are for all kids!!!! Starting with beginner all the way to advanced skateboarders.

PRICE: $400

* 1 professional skateboarder & 1 amateur skateboarder

* Skate park – Children’s ramps- 3 quarter pipes, 1 flat rail, 1 round rails, 2 wedge ramps, 1 kicker ramp & one fun box with a 2 stair extension

* Music & PA system to enhance the fun

*We accept Up to 15 kids. the additional % will need their own skateboard,Helmet and set of pads.

* 10 darkstar skateboards

* 10 sets of S-one pads and helmets

*Signed SKATE KIDS T-shirt for birthday boy\girl

*Lessons & trip tips one on one with Kurtis

*Autographs from the Professional

*SKATE CONTEST FOR THE PARTY :1st, 2nd & 3rd placings get prizes

*Every child receives a sticker

***** SKATE KIDS can not wait to share the fun with you!!!******  


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