February 14, 2017

HEAD COACH AND SKATE KIDS FOUNDER KURTIS COLAMONICO HAS LIVED THE TRUE SKATE LIFE. Skateboarding has not only given Kurtis Colamonico a passion for the last 24 years. Skateboarding has given Kurtis the opportunity to travel all over the world (20+ Countrys) making tons of friends, filming for different video’s, shooting photos for magazines and skating contest up against the best skateboarders in the World Kurtis even competed against some of his favorite skateboarders he looked up to as a child. Kurtis says it has been like a dream come true. truly blessed.

Kurtis doing the dew tour underground interview for fuel TV at the bostin dew tour stop.

Kurtis signature famous stars and straps teeshirt    Kurtis skate the mountain dew tour  5  years in a row ranking in the top 10

Ryan Sheckler and Kurtis talking after their runs at the Dew Tour

4 years in a row Kurtis visited South Africa to skate in the Maloof Money Cup competition. The Africa trips were completely amazing coach Kurtis says not only did he get to skate a contest with most of his friends, all or the competitors went on Safari’s together and had the opportunity to hold baby lions and see so many other unique Animals in their natural habitat.

Kurtis wins 1st place in Ryan Sheckler’s skate for a cause. As Kurtis won $3000 he took that money and donated straight to Askate witch is a non profit organization that give the opportunity to autistic children all over the world to learn how to skateboard.

Kurtis and his buddies Scott Kane, Jason Jones and Chad Bartie were featured in Vanity fair magazine with Nicole Richie 

Kurits pro Model by Dagger skateboards


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