Kevin Miranda

Kevin Miranda Skate-min

Name: Kevin Miranda

Age: 18

Sponsors: Toy Machine, Pig, Mainline Skate shop

How many years have you been skateboarding: 14

Who first inspired you to skate? Jay Adams

Who is your favorite skater? Any skater who has fun

What your favorite skateboard video? Emerica Made 2

What size skateboard do you ride? 8.0

What is your favorite trick to do? Frontside air

Where is your favorite place to skate? Anywhere with friends

What was your first skateboard and how did you get it? It was my dad’s and I found it in the garage one day and picked it up.

Why do you choose to be a skate Coach? I wanted other kids to be able to be brought up with the same values that skateboarding taught me, such as hard work and persistence.

What does skateboarding mean to you? It’s a great way for me to free my mind and get moving when there’s no waves to surf.

Thank you’s? Anyone and everyone who’s ever helped me get better at skateboarding, no matter how big or small.

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