The last three years Cory Keen and my self have been really in touch with focusing on  safety and fun for the Kids as Cory builds the safest and best Skate Ramps on the market for all type’s of use for the kids to stay active outdoors and have fun on their skateboard, roller-skates , etc…. as we at Skate Kids are here to  help build the Orange County and Long beach community through skateboarding. By giving kids a chance to stay active , outside , make friends , have fun and learn tricks starting with safety first through Parks and Recreation and After School programs. The last two years we made   our duty help support the City of Long Beach as it was both Keen Ramps and Skate Kids   starting grounds. We also wanted to give all of our hard working kids the chance to ride along in the Belmont Shore Christmas Parade with us witch is well deserved. Cory Keen specially builds a half pipe on trailer acting in as our float  while our Pro and amateur Skate Coaches skate it through the parade for all the boys and girls of Long Beach. While all of our Skate Kids pass out candy canes attached to our fliers to the kids watching. This night is something for everyone to remember forever !  normally don’t see a half pipe in a parade especially being skated. We are thankful to be a part of such a wonderful parade in City of Long Beaches. We can not wait till next year.  


Reagan, Carlan , Fletcher , Bryce and Noah just hanging out before the start of their first parade run

The Girls rolling along  

Noah has filled his helmet with flyers Smart boy. Kids are awesome



Founder Kurtis on the Mic check 1,2,1,2
                          Skate Kids everywhere
Patiently waiting for a Run on the mini half pipe 

The skate session begins

lil Kurtis about to dro in

Ryder is ripping

Dynamite going up for a crowd pleaser

Kate with a 50/50 grind for the kids of Long Beach

Lil Kurtis with a 5/0 on the moving ramp

Coach Kevin with a Backside disaster stall for the crowd

after we make it through the whole parade everybody piles on the ramp and truck ermines on the highlights if the night. And a great night it was!!



We want to give a huge thanks to the City of Long Beach for inviting us to be apart of Beach Streets for the 4th time in a row. Twice a year Long Beach throws Beach Streets to encourage people to get out, meet others, have fun, walk, skate, bike, roll and just have a ton of fun with everyone. We are honored every year with a big enough space for our mobile skatepark to do FREE skateboard lessons for anyone who is interested in learning. Beach Streets is always a highlight of the year for SKATE KIDS as we are able to introduce skateboarding to over 70+ kids each time. At SKATE KIDS we love giving lessons just as much as the kids like taking them. Beach Streets is a smile all day for everyone. So if you have missed it in the past make sure you don’t miss it again with updates on our instagram @theskatekids (FOLLOW OUR MOVEMENT).

Octobers theme was Halloween so most the kids came dressed in their costumes

Coach Rob going over safety foot position in order to push the correct way

Our founder Kurtis Colamonico building some self confidence for the lil man with some helping hands while dropping in the quarter pipe.

we even had parents shredding out there!!! The Hype was REAL! Skateboarding is awesome!

This is the smile we share with the youth after learning to balance 50/50 grinds

Safety First

Coach Edgar congratulates this lil man with a High Five for landing a new skateboard trick!

Our vision has always been to have kids help kids to help install this action as much as we can into the next Generation. Its happening and we are so happy.

Thanks to Diamond supply Co , Bones bearings , Keen ramps , Tech Deck , Skatelite , Furnace Skate shop , Darkstar Skateboards , Black Flys , Grizzly Grippe , Grom USA , Spitfire wheels , S1 helmets ,  Grind time Skate contest ,   for sponsoring our program and helping make all this possible as well as install these amazing smile on the youth of today.

 Ninjas skateboard too

Action Sports Kids always killin it for the kids

Skater Girls

Coach Rob with an ollie into the big Quarter

Learning Blunt stalls with Coach Kurtis

SKATE KIDS after school program is designed to keep kids outdoor, active, making friends, having fun. Skate kids is here to build the kids in as many ways as possible from gaining balance, coordination, reflexes, concentration, fine motor skills but most importantly our class has proven to build high levels of self confidence in so many children as our motto is “YOU CAN DO IT”  we remind the kids to never give up on a skateboard trick, homework that may be difficult or anything the dream to do in life.  As long as you want it and you try



We are proud to say we have 17 kids for the very first session at Montessori Greenhouse!  We also proud to announce Skate Kids will also be Starting at Fairmont schools Anaheim Hills campus on Tuesdays  as well as Fairmont Historical campus on Mondays beginning this December.

We alway start with SAFTEY FIRST!

We encourage the older children to help others if needed. As you can see we have some really helpful students.

We begin with stretching as this gets are body loose and ready to hop on our skateboards.

Maya walked to the corner of our mobile park and was a little discouraged as Coach Kurtis asked what was wrong Maya begun to say I don’t think I can do this. Coach Kurtis and his ways with the kids is remarkable Kurtis assured Maya if she really gave it her best she could do it. After the lil pep talk and Maya was back on the board with a smile having fun in no time and skateboarding the rest of the lesson. We are so proud of ? for not giving up as she believed began to believe in her self again by telling her self “I CAN DO IT”



We are so happy to have more and ore girls join the program every single month.



The Kids patiently waiting to hit the ramp

Skate Kids earn Diamond Dollars when they land a new trick, when showing kindness to another, helping others, helping with clean up, listening and other positive performances during our program.

The kids collect Diamond Dollars all course long. On our list day they have the opportunity to spend them on cool skateboarding products that are provided by Skate Kids sponsor’s Darkstar skateboards, Bones bearings, S1 Helmets, Furnace skate shop, Tech Deck, Diamond Supply co, Keen ramps, Spitfire wheels   This helps the kids learn day to day life skills in a positive environment.

Learning the skateboard

hitting the ramps with Coach Edgar

We would like to thank to Beach Streets LB for having us back for the 3rd beach streets event. Being a Long Beach native I think Beach Streets is such a great event encouraging family’s to be outside have fun skateboarding, riding bikes, run, walk while experiencing and enjoying what the beautiful city of Long Beach has to offer.

Second we want to give a huge thanks to the parents and kids for making the stop by the SKATE KIDS booth to either learn to skate for the first time or advance their ability level on the board. We are proud to say after adding up all the waivers we had coached over 80+ kids Saturday April 29th. This was an amazing day for all as our staff had a consistent smile through the whole day passing their passion to the next generation as well as every child walked away with a smile and some with a new passion themselves.

Shout out to our amazing Coaches that came out to share there passion with the kids. Nick Merlino, Mikey Haywood, Kurtis Colamonico, Truman Hughes, Cameron Spitzer, Isaiah Jackson, Dabier snell , and Josh Bridgewater.

Starting the day off right with Coach Truman Hughes introducing this lil man to skateboarding for the first time.

Padding up in S- ONE gear is the KEY to SAFETY !

Coach Mikey Haywood giving this lil girl her first ride on a skateboard

Fletcher and Kurtis  hit the DEW TOUR course to show off their SKATE KID skills.

Your never to young or old to learn to skateboard as this 15 month old displays with coach Mikey

Rolling strong with coach Dabier and Cameron

Founder Kurtisa Colamonico sharing some smile and words with Coach Truman

So many beginner we so lucky to learn hands on from Professional skateboarder Nick Merlino

Lil son with a solid Board slide

Skate Life with Coach Dabier THUMBS UP!

Coach Nick with some crazy flick as Coach Truman blesses the lil one with some true skate knowledge.

The feeing of your first 50/50 grind is truly something you will never forget.

Dropping in and rollin with Coach Truman

Coach Isaiah blessing the kids with some stylish skate tricks and some hands on practice and skate tips to build their confidence.

TWO THUMBS UP with Coach Josh Bridgewater

SKATE KIDS is all about building our youth with a smile. We would like to thank our Sponsors for enhancing that smile that much more by providing us with the best skateboard product on the market for our skate kids to earn through lesson as well as give aways at event like this. HUGE THANKS to Diamond supply Co, Darkstar skateboards, Bones bearings, Spitfire wheels, Furnace skate shop, S-one helmets, Keen Ramps, Mini Logo, Grind Time Skate, Powell Peralta, Grizzly Griptape. We appreciate you guys to the fullest!!!!!!


Next Up Foundation X Skate Kids

Our Founder Kurtis Colamonico was invited as a Pro Guest to the next up foundation to do some skateboarding with the kids and speak on skateboarding and the Importance of Education.



Kurtis says his Visit to the Next UP Foundation was truly amazing. Founder Vinicius Tinoco has so many amazing things going on for these kids as an after school program. Everything from skateboarding, tutoring , computer class , yoga and so many guest teaching thing that kids dream of like being a DJ to black book sessions and Art. Kurtis also says he was very thankful to not only be a guest but make some good new friends as well as have fun with everyone through the visit.

Kurtis Colamonico went our and displayed some skateboarding for kids of Next UP foundation.

Ollie over the worst things in life Drugs and Racism.its all about kindness through skateboarding!!!!

Switch heel over Drugs & Racism. say no to drugs and know everyone is equal!!!

Kurtis doing some autograph for the kids

The Kids were killing it at Next Up!! look at this 180

kick flip fronside nose slide

Kick flip back side lisped

Kurtis going over some tricks with Vina and the kids

At the very end Kurtis went inside with the Crew and showed some older video parts of him self. Then Kurtis did some Motivational speaking for the kids of Next UP. Touching bases on education and relating it to skateboarding. Kurtis Talks about section goals and not giving up. Teaching the kids to always have a plan B in life and relays to the kids how his plan B was Skate kids and that everything he was educated on through school he uses now to run his own Company.


Montesori Greenhouse School

Our skateboard workshop is a part of our after school enrichment program. Our worksshop is designed to teach the kids safety first as we introduce safety gear how it works and why it is necessary to always gear up before skateboarding. Our workshop gives the kids a broader idea of how the skateboard works before they begin to skateboard. our second part of the workshop helps the children build fine motor skills as the kids learn how to take apart their own skateboards as well as put them back together properly as you will see below.

Please view the two sections of our workshop displayed below



1: Skate kids will learn about safety first. we will introduce safety gear, how it works and why it is always necessary to wear  while skateboarding.

2: The children will learn all the parts of the skateboard what the parts do and how to put it together properly

Coach Kurtis teaching the kids all the parts of the skateboard 

coach then calls on a few kids to give him a hand

3: We then will go over stance and  Safety foot positions to assure they are ready to roll.



1: Skate Kids will learn how to take their skateboards completely apart and put them back together on their own with the help of our instructors if needed. The child will be building fine motor skills as they learn and explore what each part of the skateboard is used for and why. Using a screw driver/ allen key ,wrench and skate tool to take each  truck and wheel off. Then properly put them back on their skateboard to assure a safe skate session.

Jolie focusing on getting her first truck off the board.

Jagger happy to get his first nut and screw apart 

Derek almost done taking his wheels off

Ellie Derek and Kai using the king their bars apart in a group setting

Ellie learning to use the ellen key to tighten her trucks back down on her skateboard

Kai helping Logan out with the hardware

Jagger with his board completely put back together


HEAD COACH AND SKATE KIDS FOUNDER KURTIS COLAMONICO HAS LIVED THE TRUE SKATE LIFE. Skateboarding has not only given Kurtis Colamonico a passion for the last 24 years. Skateboarding has given Kurtis the opportunity to travel all over the world (20+ Countrys) making tons of friends, filming for different video’s, shooting photos for magazines and skating contest up against the best skateboarders in the World Kurtis even competed against some of his favorite skateboarders he looked up to as a child. Kurtis says it has been like a dream come true. truly blessed.

Kurtis doing the dew tour underground interview for fuel TV at the bostin dew tour stop.

Kurtis signature famous stars and straps teeshirt    Kurtis skate the mountain dew tour  5  years in a row ranking in the top 10

Ryan Sheckler and Kurtis talking after their runs at the Dew Tour

4 years in a row Kurtis visited South Africa to skate in the Maloof Money Cup competition. The Africa trips were completely amazing coach Kurtis says not only did he get to skate a contest with most of his friends, all or the competitors went on Safari’s together and had the opportunity to hold baby lions and see so many other unique Animals in their natural habitat.

Kurtis wins 1st place in Ryan Sheckler’s skate for a cause. As Kurtis won $3000 he took that money and donated straight to Askate witch is a non profit organization that give the opportunity to autistic children all over the world to learn how to skateboard.

Kurtis and his buddies Scott Kane, Jason Jones and Chad Bartie were featured in Vanity fair magazine with Nicole Richie 

Kurits pro Model by Dagger skateboards


In an effort to allow the passionate skater of all ages and any skill level the  opportunity to showcase their talent and dedication, Grind Time and Skate Kids combined forces to produce the the largest skate competition at El Dorado Skate Park, affectionately known as ‘The Doe’ in Long Beach, CA December 19th 2015.

There was no entry fee for participants in the five devisions for unsponsored skateboarders(8&under, 9-10, 11-12, 13-15, 16-19) and one devision for AM/Sponsored Skateboarders (All Ages of Advanced Skill level). Over $5000 in prizes were Awarded to these deserving Athletes throughout the competition.

A panned of four judges, many of whose career started out at El Dorado skatepark were honored to share their time and expertise with over 120 competitors. The impressive judge panel included Chris Joslin, Scott Kane,Ben Fisher, and Mikey Haywood.

Grint Time and Skate Kids first Competition was well received by the competitors, their families and the local skate community! Grind Time and Skate Kids are excited to provide and experience to local skateboarders that will mature, inspire, and provide platform and additional opportunities to make their skate dreams come true. future events coming soon to southern California.  Amber Sandoval

check out excerpts from the comp by Clicking Link the Below


 Photo credit to Robb wilson 7 Ben Karpinski

 the park was packed with awesome skate kids 

Skate Kid Dynomite doing a boneless over the corner.

 Watching their competition  Skate Kids go Big

(8- Under) 1st Place – Aubrey Sayre

Top 3 in every division went home with a Trophy, Plaque and a Medal 

Top 10 in every division went home with Medals 

(9-10) Division

  • 1st – Noah Lusk
  • 2nd – Dynamite Wilson
  • 3rd – Jack Susak

 Long Beach skate Legend Rob Gonzalez showed up to peep the Comp out.  

(13-15) Division

Isaiah Jackson takes 3Rd place in the

 The higher skill levels were ripping so hard that day

 MC Ajax and Chris joslin for the photo

Chris Joslin doing some Autographs for the kids while he judged the comp 

Chris with a big ollie over the corner   Arron Kim with style and grace through the air 

 DJ and local Profession skateboarder Kevin Romar keep ing the kids hyped with some good music  Nose pic in to the big Quarter at the Doe was insane 

 Khris Mcnealty with a proper frontside flip to flat 

 (AM/ sponsored division) 2nd Place– Robert Neal


 (16_19 division) 1st Place– Jason Tobin happy to take the win

 Kurtis Colamonico Happy to hand over the $300 to  Kaya Winik for taking 1st –place in the AM/Sponsored division 


Dew Tours first time ever having a stop in Long Beach. As coach Kurtis skated the Dew Tour contest series from 2006-2012. He was excited it was finally coming to his home town. Kurtis’s goal was to get the SKATE KIDS on the course! So he worked on it made a few calls and found out there was community day. Coach Kurtis then rounded Up his intermediate and advanced SKATE KIDS to give them a chance to skate on the same turf he had skated for many years. Coach Ranking 9th over all in 2007 and 10 over all in 2008 say It was the best time of his life traveling with friends skating through the DEW TOUR.

Coach Kurtis was so happy to see his kids out on the DEW TOUR course the day of as it brought back memories. Kurtis says his next goal is to have as many SKATE KIDS on the DEW TOUR them selves one day. Kurtis says at the rate the skate kids are going Coach know’s he will see that day.

 Lil Kurtis, Ryder, Dynomite and Bryce so happy to make it through the DEW TOUR entrance and read to skate.The SKATE KIDS crew was deep Bryce and Coach Kurtis made it on the the front page of the official DEW TOUR website  Dynomite and Ryder were happy to meet good friend of Coach and pro skateboarder Ryan Decenzo whom currently rides for Darkstar Skateboard as they sponsor the Skate Kids Program.

Truman Hughes making it up on the DEW TOUR website with solid feeble grind down the big rail on the Course Ryder wit a smile meeting a favorite pro skateboarder of his Cody Mcentire who currently rides for Blind skateboards  LIL Kurtis and Bryce first time meeting Pro skateboarder Tj Rogers whom currently ride for Blind skateboards

Team ASK and SKATE KIDS always rolling together. its a Long Beach thing.

Skate Kids is very thankful to team up with Action Sports Kids Foundation. We are very happy to Support ASK events through 2016 its been such a great year  we are looking forward to all the rad event in 2017.

Mike Donelon founder of ASK has been the biggest support of skateboarding through Long Beach since 1995 starting with getting El Dorado skatepark built. Mike Donelon has had a huge hands in getting tons more skateparks built in the city of Long Beach for the past 20+ years. Mike K Green skatepark, Houghton skatepark, Mc Bride skatepark, Orizaba skatepark ETC…..

In the year 2000 Mike Donelon started Action Sports Kids Foundation which is a non-profit in Long Beach, California dedicated to providing youth an alternative to the streets and gangs through sports, education and community involvement . Our efforts in creating the Long Beach Skate Park Program, considered one of the most successful in the country, has proven to lower crime, build self esteem, keep kids in school and has saved the lives of many of our most at-risk youth. ASK currently sponsors 150 kids through Long Beach. ASK holds 1 meeting every first Saturday of the month to keep the kids in a positive direction. Mike Donelon and Long Beach Council member Dee Andrews dropping some knowledge for the kids of Long Beach before the start of the Jeffery Dempsey AM Jam contest. ASK has 4 skateboard contest a year. The kids of Long Beach love it. These contest provide the kids of Long Beach with a great direction in life. the contest is a huge positive outlook for the kids to focus on and look forward to all year long.

ASK X SKATE KIDS we roll together!!SKATE KIDS teams up with ASK to give free skate board lessons to the kids of the Carmilitos housing community in Long Beach. As ASK gives out free Element skateboards to all the kids to push them in a positive direction through skateboarding.

The kids of Carmilitos were so happy to learn to skate.

We joined ASK at the Carlie Ford Memorial skate Jam by bringing our SKATE KIDS crew out to join in on the fun. As coach Kurtis helps the kids learn their balance points and proper pushing skills.                                                               Skate Kids team enjoys rolling up to  skate and support all ASK skate JAMS In 2016 we became official ASK supporters.