Skateboard Workshop

February 21, 2017


Montesori Greenhouse School

Our skateboard workshop is a part of our after school enrichment program. Our worksshop is designed to teach the kids safety first as we introduce safety gear how it works and why it is necessary to always gear up before skateboarding. Our workshop gives the kids a broader idea of how the skateboard works before they begin to skateboard. our second part of the workshop helps the children build fine motor skills as the kids learn how to take apart their own skateboards as well as put them back together properly as you will see below.

Please view the two sections of our workshop displayed below



1: Skate kids will learn about safety first. we will introduce safety gear, how it works and why it is always necessary to wear  while skateboarding.

2: The children will learn all the parts of the skateboard what the parts do and how to put it together properly

Coach Kurtis teaching the kids all the parts of the skateboard 

coach then calls on a few kids to give him a hand

3: We then will go over stance and  Safety foot positions to assure they are ready to roll.



1: Skate Kids will learn how to take their skateboards completely apart and put them back together on their own with the help of our instructors if needed. The child will be building fine motor skills as they learn and explore what each part of the skateboard is used for and why. Using a screw driver/ allen key ,wrench and skate tool to take each  truck and wheel off. Then properly put them back on their skateboard to assure a safe skate session.

Jolie focusing on getting her first truck off the board.

Jagger happy to get his first nut and screw apart 

Derek almost done taking his wheels off

Ellie Derek and Kai using the king their bars apart in a group setting

Ellie learning to use the ellen key to tighten her trucks back down on her skateboard

Kai helping Logan out with the hardware

Jagger with his board completely put back together



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